Renovated Customer Area

During the Covid Crisis, we took advantage of the time to make sure our customers would have a better experience when everything opened back up.  We renovated our customer area with new floor, cleaning and restoring the walls, building a new customer changing area and more seating for the customers, along with a full length […]

Stacy’s Wedding Dress

This is Stacy. She and her husband are renewing their vows and celebrating their 25th year anniversary. She bought her dress on one of bridal shop around Tampa area. She had all planned that she is going to get it altered where she bought the dress, however the bridal shop closed down and left her […]

Pink Prom Dress

This baby pink prom dress is made out of embroidered lace in a polyester material. Originally it has about 1/2 inch gab between the breast side, the straps are longer. The client asked the gap at the front can be close for better fit and comfort, straps are adjusted and ready for the special event. […]