Your Wedding Gown: A Love Story That Fits Perfectly:

Bride Wedding Dress

The wedding gown is more than just an outfit; it’s the embodiment of dreams, romance, and a new chapter. It’s the garment that will forever be etched in memories, photos, and the hearts of everyone present.

Yet, finding the perfect gown is just the beginning. The true magic happens when that gown is tailored to perfection, becoming an extension of the bride herself.

Imagine twirling on the dance floor, feeling like a princess in a fairytale, with a dress that flows and moves with you effortlessly.

Picture walking down the aisle with confidence, knowing that every detail of your attire is flawless and reflects your unique style. That’s the power of professional wedding gown alterations.

Whether you’ve found a stunning off-the-rack gown that needs a few adjustments or envision a completely bespoke creation, our team of expert tailors is here to make your dream a reality.

We understand that every bride is unique, with different body shapes, preferences, and visions for their big day.

That’s why we offer a personalized approach to alterations, working closely with you to ensure that your gown fits impeccably and enhances your natural beauty.

With decades of experience in bridal fashion and a passion for craftsmanship, we take pride in transforming ordinary gowns into extraordinary masterpieces.

We meticulously consider every detail, from the drape of the fabric to the placement of each seam, ensuring that the final result is a gown that not only looks breathtaking but also feels incredible to wear.

Whether you’re envisioning a classic A-line silhouette in luxurious silk, a romantic lace mermaid gown, or a flowing boho-chic design, we have the expertise to bring your vision to life.

We’ll guide you through the entire process, from selecting the perfect fabrics and embellishments to the final fitting, ensuring that your gown is everything you’ve ever dreamed of and more.

  👰‍♀️ The Dress: The centerpiece of the bride’s wedding day look.  

Radiant bride, stunning gown.
Radiant bride, stunning gown.

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Transform Your Wedding Gown Vision into Reality:

Let’s face it, finding “the one” can be a bit like dating. Sometimes, a gown that looks stunning on the hanger might not translate perfectly onto your unique figure.

This is where the transformative magic of alterations comes into play.

Think of it like this: your gown is a beautiful canvas, and our expert tailors are the artists who will sculpt it into a masterpiece that reflects your individual style and enhances your natural beauty.

Whether you need a subtle tweak or a dramatic transformation, we have the skills and experience to make it happen.

The most common alteration is a simple hem, ensuring your gown grazes the floor gracefully without tripping you up.

We can also take in or let out seams to create a more flattering silhouette, adjust the neckline for a comfortable and stylish fit, or even add or remove sleeves.

Have a specific style in mind?

We can transform a strapless neckline into an elegant off-the-shoulder or add delicate lace cap sleeves for a touch of vintage charm.

We specialize in working with a variety of fabrics, from luxurious silks and satins to delicate laces and chiffons.

We understand the unique properties of each material and how to manipulate them to achieve your desired look.

Whether you want to add a touch of sparkle with beading or create a flowing train that trails behind you as you walk down the aisle, we have the expertise to bring your vision to life.

Every detail matters, and we’ll work closely with you throughout the entire process to ensure your satisfaction.

We’ll take measurements, pin and tuck fabric, and make adjustments until the gown fits you like a second skin.

Our goal is to make you feel confident, comfortable, and utterly radiant on your special day.

  👗 Styles: Endless options, from classic to modern, bohemian to glamorous.  


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Lace dreams, wedding bliss.
Lace dreams, wedding bliss.

Expert Wedding Gown Alterations: Your Trust is Our Priority:

Entrusting your cherished gown to someone else can feel like a leap of faith, especially when it’s for such a monumental occasion.

We understand the weight of this decision, and it’s our unwavering commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and your peace of mind that sets us apart.

Our atelier is staffed with highly skilled tailors who have honed their skills over decades.

They possess an intricate understanding of bridal couture, from the delicate handling of luxurious fabrics to the precise adjustments that make all the difference.

Whether your gown is a vintage heirloom or a contemporary masterpiece, our tailors treat each piece with the utmost care and respect.

Our alteration process is a meticulous dance between art and precision.

It begins with a comprehensive consultation where we listen intently to your vision and concerns.

We take detailed measurements and analyze the fit of the gown, pinpointing areas that need adjustment.

We’ll discuss your preferred style, whether you want a more fitted silhouette or a relaxed, flowing feel.

We’ll also advise you on the best undergarments to wear with your gown to ensure a smooth, flattering fit.

Next, our tailors get to work, using their expert hands and an arsenal of specialized tools to make the necessary alterations.

They’ll carefully unpick seams, adjust darts and pleats, and reshape the bodice or neckline as needed.

They’ll even create custom bustles to keep your train neatly tucked away for the reception.

Throughout the process, we maintain open communication with you, keeping you informed of our progress and seeking your feedback at every stage.

Our dedication to your satisfaction doesn’t end with the final fitting.

We offer complimentary pressing and steaming to ensure your gown looks pristine on your wedding day.

We also provide a convenient pick-up and delivery service, saving you the hassle of transporting your gown back and forth.

With our expert alterations, you can walk down the aisle with confidence, knowing that your gown fits like a dream and reflects your unique style.

Your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and we’re honored to play a part in making it unforgettable.

  🧵 Fabrics: Choose from luxurious silks, delicate lace, or airy tulle.  


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Twirling tulle, happy tears.
Twirling tulle, happy tears.

Beyond Alterations: Bespoke Wedding Dress Creation – A Gown as Unique as You Are:

Sometimes, the perfect gown exists only in your imagination.

If you’ve scoured boutiques and online stores but haven’t quite found the one that speaks to your heart, consider the journey of bespoke creation.

A bespoke gown is not just a garment; it’s an expression of your unique personality, a wearable work of art designed exclusively for you.

The process begins with a conversation.

We’ll delve into your dreams, inspirations, and desires for your wedding day look.

Together, we’ll explore fabrics, silhouettes, and embellishments, sketching out a design that captures your vision.

Whether you’re drawn to classic elegance, modern chic, or romantic whimsy, we’ll translate your ideas into a tangible form.

From there, we’ll create a mock-up of your gown using a muslin fabric.

This allows you to see the silhouette in three dimensions and make any necessary adjustments before we proceed with the final fabric.

We’ll carefully select the finest materials, considering your personal preferences and the style of your gown.

Luxurious silks, delicate laces, shimmering beads, and intricate embroideries are just a few of the options available to you.

Once the design is finalized, our skilled artisans will meticulously craft your gown, paying attention to every detail.

We’ll hold multiple fittings to ensure the gown fits impeccably and accentuates your best features.

We understand that your gown is more than just a garment – it’s a symbol of your love and commitment.

That’s why we pour our heart and soul into every bespoke creation, ensuring that it’s a masterpiece you’ll cherish for years to come.

The journey of creating a bespoke wedding gown is a collaborative one, and we believe that every step should be as enjoyable as the final result.

We’ll guide you through the entire process, offering our expertise and ensuring that your vision is brought to life in the most exquisite way possible.

With a bespoke gown, you’ll not only look stunning but also feel a deep connection to the garment you’re wearing.

  📏 Fit: Expert alterations ensure a perfect fit for every bride’s unique shape.  


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Love story, perfect dress.
Love story, perfect dress.

Complete Your Bridal Look: Accessory Alterations – Every Detail Matters:

Your wedding attire is more than just the gown; it’s a symphony of elements that create a harmonious ensemble.

Accessories like veils, headpieces, and jewelry are the finishing touches that elevate your look and reflect your personal style.

Just like your gown, these accessories deserve the attention of a skilled tailor to ensure they complement your overall vision perfectly.

Perhaps you’ve inherited a family heirloom veil that holds sentimental value but needs a little TLC to match the length of your modern gown.

Or maybe you’ve found the perfect hair comb, but it needs a slight adjustment to sit securely in your updo.

Our experienced team can expertly alter any accessory to ensure it fits flawlessly and harmonizes with your ensemble.

Veils, in particular, can be a focal point of your bridal look.

We can adjust the length, width, or fullness of a veil to create a silhouette that complements your gown and enhances your features.

We can also add delicate embellishments like lace appliqués, beading, or crystals to match the detailing on your gown.

Headpieces, such as tiaras, hair combs, and headbands, can add a touch of sparkle and sophistication to your look.

We can customize these pieces to fit your head shape and hairstyle perfectly, ensuring they stay in place throughout your special day.

We can also work with you to incorporate special elements, like family heirlooms or sentimental pieces, into your headpiece design.

Jewelry is another important aspect of your bridal look.

We can adjust the length of necklaces or bracelets to ensure they fall at the most flattering point, or we can even redesign a piece to better suit your style.

We can also help you select the perfect earrings to complement your face shape and hairstyle.

Remember, your wedding day is a reflection of you, and every detail should be carefully considered.

By entrusting your accessories to our skilled tailors, you can rest assured that every element of your bridal look will be perfectly tailored to you, creating a cohesive and unforgettable ensemble.

  💎 Accessories: Veils, jewelry, and shoes complete the bridal ensemble.  


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Whimsical gown, boho bride.
Whimsical gown, boho bride.

Your Wedding Gown: Perfectly Tailored to You – A Reflection of Your Love Story:

Your wedding gown is not merely a dress; it’s a symbol of your love story, a tangible representation of the journey you’ve embarked on with your partner.

It’s a garment that deserves to be as unique and special as the bond you share.

At our atelier, we understand the emotional significance of your gown and strive to create a piece that not only reflects your personal style but also tells your love story.

We believe that every bride deserves to feel confident, radiant, and utterly herself on her wedding day.

That’s why we offer a range of services, from simple alterations to full bespoke creations, to ensure your gown is perfectly tailored to you.

Whether you’re dreaming of a classic ball gown with a dramatic train, a sleek and modern sheath silhouette, or a romantic lace A-line, we’ll work closely with you to bring your vision to life.

Our team of expert tailors is dedicated to providing you with a personalized and stress-free experience.

We’ll take the time to listen to your needs, answer your questions, and offer guidance based on our years of experience.

We understand that choosing the perfect gown and ensuring it fits perfectly can be overwhelming, so we’re here to make the process as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

We’re also committed to using only the finest materials and techniques in our alterations and bespoke creations.

We source fabrics from renowned suppliers around the world, ensuring that your gown is made from the highest quality materials that will stand the test of time.

Our tailors are meticulous in their work, paying close attention to every detail to ensure a flawless finish.

Your wedding day is a celebration of your love, and your gown should be a reflection of that joy.

Let us help you create a gown that you’ll cherish for a lifetime, a gown that tells your unique love story and makes you feel like the most beautiful bride in the world.

  💖 Symbolism: The wedding dress represents love, purity, and new beginnings.  


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Timeless beauty, unforgettable day.
Timeless beauty, unforgettable day.


When Should I Start Planning My Wedding Gown Alterations?

The timeline for wedding gown alterations can vary depending on several factors, including the complexity of the alterations, the availability of your chosen tailor, and your personal preferences.

However, as a general guideline, it’s recommended to start the alteration process 2-3 months before your wedding day.

Here’s a breakdown of why this timeline is ideal:

Ordering & Delivery:

If you’re ordering a new gown, it can take several months for it to arrive.

Starting alterations 2-3 months before your wedding ensures that you have ample time for the gown to be delivered and altered without feeling rushed.

Multiple Fittings:

Most gowns require multiple fittings to achieve the perfect fit. Starting early allows for enough time between fittings for the tailor to make adjustments and for the bride to see the progress.

Stress-Free Planning:

Wedding planning can be stressful, and starting alterations early can help alleviate some of that stress.

Knowing that your gown is in good hands and will be ready on time can give you peace of mind.

Last-Minute Changes:

Even with careful planning, last-minute changes may be necessary due to weight fluctuations or other unforeseen circumstances.

Starting early leaves room for adjustments closer to the wedding day.

Our Recommendation:

We recommend scheduling your initial consultation with our experienced tailors as soon as you have your gown.

This allows us to assess the scope of work and provide you with a realistic timeline for the alterations.

We’ll work with you to create a fitting schedule that fits your needs and ensures that your gown is ready well in advance of your big day.

Remember, every gown and bride is unique, so the timeline may vary depending on your specific situation.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for a personalized consultation.

We’re happy to discuss your timeline and answer any questions you may have.

Our goal is to make the alteration process as seamless and stress-free as possible, so you can focus on enjoying the excitement of your upcoming wedding.

How Long Will My Wedding Gown Alterations Take?

The timeline for wedding gown alterations can vary depending on several factors.

These include the complexity of the adjustments, the current workload of our atelier, the specific fabric and design of your gown, and the number of fittings required to achieve a perfect fit.

Simple alterations, such as hemming or adjusting the straps, can typically be completed within a few weeks.

More intricate adjustments, such as taking in or letting out seams, reshaping the neckline, or adding sleeves, may take a bit longer.

For bespoke gowns, the timeline can range from several weeks to a few months, depending on the complexity of the design and the availability of materials.

Here’s a general estimate of our typical turnaround times:

  • Simple Alterations: 2-4 weeks
  • Moderate Alterations: 4-6 weeks
  • Complex Alterations: 6-8 weeks
  • Bespoke Gowns: 2-4 months

We understand that your wedding day is a special occasion, and we’ll work with you to create a timeline that meets your needs.

We offer rush services for brides who need their gown altered quickly, and we’ll always keep you updated on the progress of your alterations.

Our Commitment to Timely Delivery:

We pride ourselves on our commitment to quality and timely delivery. We understand that your gown is a significant investment, and we treat each alteration with the utmost care and attention to detail.

We’ll work closely with you to ensure that your gown is ready well in advance of your wedding day, giving you peace of mind and allowing you to focus on other aspects of your wedding planning.

If you have any questions about our turnaround times or need a more specific estimate for your alterations, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We’re happy to discuss your needs and provide you with a personalized timeline.

We want to make sure your gown is perfect for your big day, and we’ll do everything we can to ensure a smooth and stress-free experience.

Can You Accommodate Last-Minute Wedding Dress Alterations?

We understand that wedding planning can be unpredictable, and sometimes, the unexpected happens.

Whether you’ve experienced a change in plans, a last-minute gown purchase, or simply haven’t had the time to schedule alterations sooner, we’re here to help.

We do offer rush alterations for brides who need their gown tailored within a shorter timeframe.

While our standard turnaround times are ideal for ensuring a meticulous and unhurried approach, we also recognize that flexibility is sometimes necessary.

Here’s what you can expect from our rush alteration service:

Expedited Timeline:

We’ll work with you to create a condensed timeline that prioritizes the essential alterations while still ensuring a beautiful and well-fitting result.

Flexible Scheduling:

We’ll do our best to accommodate your schedule, offering evening and weekend appointments if needed.

Transparent Communication:

We’ll keep you informed every step of the way, ensuring you’re aware of the progress and any potential adjustments to the timeline.

Quality Craftsmanship:

Even with a rush order, we never compromise on the quality of our work.

Your gown will receive the same meticulous attention to detail as any other alteration.

Important Considerations:

While we strive to accommodate rush requests, it’s important to note that certain factors may affect our ability to meet your desired timeline.

These include the complexity of the alterations, the availability of materials, and the current workload of our atelier.

We encourage you to contact us as soon as possible to discuss your needs.

The earlier you reach out, the better we can assess the feasibility of your request and create a plan that works for you.

We’ll be transparent about our capabilities and offer alternative solutions if necessary.

Rest assured, we’re committed to doing everything we can to help you look and feel your best on your wedding day, even if it means working on a tight schedule.

Your happiness is our priority, and we’ll go the extra mile to ensure your gown is ready for your special day.

What Should I Budget for Wedding Dress Alterations?

The cost of wedding dress alterations can vary widely, depending on several factors.

These include:

Complexity of Alterations:

Simple adjustments like hemming or taking in the sides will generally be less expensive than more complex alterations like adding sleeves, changing the neckline, or altering intricate beading or lacework.

Experience of the Tailor:

Highly skilled and experienced tailors who specialize in bridal wear may charge more for their services.


The cost of living in your area can also affect the price of alterations. Tailors in major cities or popular wedding destinations may charge more than those in smaller towns.

Fabric and Design of the Gown:

Alterations on delicate fabrics like silk or lace may require more time and expertise, which can increase the cost.

Similarly, gowns with intricate designs or beading may require more specialized attention.

While it’s difficult to provide an exact cost without knowing the specifics of your gown and desired alterations, we can offer a general range.

Simple alterations can typically range from $80 to $300, while more complex adjustments can range from $400 to $1000 or more.

Bespoke gown creation will naturally be the most expensive option, with prices varying depending on the complexity of the design and the materials used.

Our Transparent Pricing:

At our atelier, we believe in transparent pricing and open communication.

We’ll provide you with a detailed estimate after our initial consultation, where we assess the scope of work and discuss your desired alterations.

This estimate will include a breakdown of the cost of each alteration, so you’ll know exactly what you’re paying for.

We understand that wedding budgets can be tight, and we’ll work with you to find solutions that fit your needs and budget.

We also offer payment plans to help make the cost of alterations more manageable.

Our goal is to make your wedding gown dreams a reality, regardless of your budget.

Can You Tailor My Wedding Gown Even If It’s a Unique Fabric or Design?

Absolutely! We understand that your wedding gown is a personal expression of your style, and we embrace the challenge of working with unique fabrics and designs.

Our experienced tailors have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in handling a variety of materials, from delicate laces and silks to intricate beading and embellishments.

We’re also skilled in working with different silhouettes and construction techniques, so you can trust us to handle your gown with care and precision, no matter how unique it may be.

Our Commitment to Versatility:

We believe that every gown deserves to be perfectly tailored, regardless of its fabric or design.

Whether you have a vintage heirloom gown made from a rare silk blend or a modern couture creation with avant-garde details, we have the skills and resources to make the necessary alterations.

We’ll take the time to assess the unique characteristics of your gown and develop a tailored approach that preserves its integrity while ensuring a flawless fit.

Here are some examples of unique fabrics and designs we’ve worked with in the past:

Vintage Gowns:

Delicate fabrics like silk chiffon, lace, and satin that require specialized handling and preservation techniques.

Embellished Gowns:

Intricate beading, embroidery, or appliqués that require careful attention to detail to maintain the integrity of the design.

Unconventional Fabrics:

Gowns made from unusual materials like feathers, leather, or even recycled fabrics.

Custom Designs:

Unique silhouettes, draping, or construction techniques that require a deep understanding of pattern making and tailoring.

No matter how intricate or unconventional your gown may be, we’re confident in our ability to deliver exceptional results.

We’ll work closely with you to understand your vision and ensure that your gown is tailored to perfection, reflecting your unique style and personality.

If you have any concerns about the fabric or design of your gown, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We’re happy to discuss your specific needs and provide you with a personalized consultation to assess the best approach for your alterations.


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Embroidered details, delicate touch.
Embroidered details, delicate touch.

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About Us

Master of Alterations

At Ella's Alterations, our expertise is more than just stitching and sewing. With four decades of experience in the industry, we have honed our skills in precise tailoring, ensuring your garments fit you like a glove. Our mastery in alterations allows us to modify clothing to perfectly match your style and comfort, offering you a truly bespoke experience.

Diversity in Design

Our versatility extends beyond everyday alterations. As a seasoned fashion designer, Ella has created everything from imaginative costumes to elegant dresses. With a high-profile clientele that includes celebrities, politicians, and national pageant winners, Ella's Alterations is a trusted name in the world of fashion design and custom tailoring.

Skillful and Swift Services

Speed and efficiency are at the heart of our services at Ella's Alterations. Whether you need an urgent repair or a significant modification, we guarantee a quick turnaround without compromising on quality. Our skilled team works diligently to deliver your altered garments in a timely manner, so you're always ready to make a stylish statement.

Joshua Gartner
Joshua Gartner
October 16, 2023
Very reasonably priced and finished my alterations ahead of schedule. Would definitely recommend.
Camille Schnier
Camille Schnier
October 15, 2023
I’m very impressed with Ella’s business. She’s very efficient and extremely easy to work with. She’s also very warm, friendly & gracious. Her work is perfection & I really couldn’t imagine anyone being dissatisfied. She could do just about anything-and probably has!! ? I highly recommend Ella’s Alterations.
Mike L
Mike L
September 25, 2023
I love coming to her for all my alteration needs. She does an excellent job on my police uniforms, something others struggle with. Highly recommend!!
Holly Singletary
Holly Singletary
September 25, 2023
Ella did a great job on altering a bridesmaid dress for my daughter. However, when I inquired about another easy alteration, she turned me down. Please note that she does not do simple alterations (like fixing a broken zipper)... only formal wear and gowns.
Emily Salomon
Emily Salomon
September 17, 2023
Would highly recommend Ella’s Alterations for any alteration needs! Ella did such an amazing job with my bridesmaid dress alterations and hemming my husband’s dress pants. She was so accommodating to our busy schedules and ensured that our items were ready exactly when we needed them! We will definitely be returning clients for any future alteration needs!
Gloribel Flores
Gloribel Flores
September 13, 2023
Ella is amazing! I brought her my wedding dress after my seamstress wasn't able to give me a pretty bustle. Not only did she redo my wedding dress bustle beautifully, but she also took my dress in a little more due to losing some weight the last two weeks before the wedding. She is very sweet and skilled. I would recommend her to anyone! She did my father's pant hem as well my husband's pant hem, my mom's dress alterations and my grandmother's dress length. Her prices are very reasonable, she is accommodating, and timely.
Kristine G
Kristine G
August 31, 2023
I’m so glad to have found Ella through FB recommendations! She fixed my wedding dress that I bought online since it was too long. The turn around time was quick and when I tried it on, it was perfect! Ella is very professional and very kind! I definitely will be coming back for future alterations! Thank you!
Olivia D
Olivia D
August 14, 2023
Ella is absolutely amazing! I needed some alterations for a bridesmaid dress and not only were the alterations done perfectly, the price and turn around time was great as well. Ella was so lovely to work with and I look forward to having future alterations completed by her!

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Expert Alterations for Your Dream Dress:
Your wedding dress is a reflection of your unique style and personality. We understand the importance of getting it just right. Our experienced team offers a wide range of alterations, from adjusting the length and neckline to taking in or letting out the bodice. We can even add or remove sleeves, restyle the train, or incorporate intricate details like beading or lace. With our meticulous attention to detail and commitment to quality craftsmanship, you can trust us to make your dress truly your own.