Pink Prom Dress

This baby pink prom dress is made out of embroidered lace in a polyester material. Originally it has about 1/2 inch gab between the breast side, the straps are longer. The client asked the gap at the front can be close for better fit and comfort, straps are adjusted and ready for the special event. […]

Bridal Dress 2

This slim fit modern look bridesmaid dress has a X strap that goes at the back. Originally it has an even hem length. It is requested for the dress to add a slit at the front, trimmed higher at front side and leave a trailing back side of the dress. Client requested to sew in […]

Bride Maids Dress

This long beautiful brides maid dress is made out of floral lace. Originally it has an even length, and a deep neckline. Client requested to be trimmed and hemmed it higher on front side with trailing back. She requested to add trimmed material to cover 3 inches off her deep neckline.