Beautiful Beaded Dress

You wonder how and who can alter a fully beaded dress? I can do that for you. Nowadays dresses just don’t come with only plain material, adding sequins or even crystal beads makes a dress looks more elegant. You will normally see these beads on brides, bridesmaid, prom or homecoming dresses. When altering it is […]

Royal Blue Beaded Dress

Whenever there is a special occasion like a quinciniera aka 15th birthday for your growing girl some families make it a joyous and elaborate celebration. This royal blue dress is one of my new project. The mother of the birthday girl. The owner order it online. Aside from hemming it, everything fits her size just […]

Quilted Table Runner

I always love furniture made with real wood. They are expensive, and with our daily use of it during eating time with the family plus the cats playground and the kids activity table, l can not stop but think on how am I going to protect and preserve the beauty of it. When we moved […]

Good Looking Suit

Nowadays almost everybody is purchasing clothing online to be delivered. It is convenient and most of the time a lot cheaper than when you buy it at the store. When Dante first see me, he asked to get his measurements because he is purchasing a special suit. Like always online purchase does not always come […]

Quinciniera Ballgown Dress

This royal blue ballgown dress is my project last week. It’s for Daniella for her 15th birthday. She wanted me to add straps on the shoulder and wings that goes across her arm. I hemmed her dress and used the cut material to make her straps and wings. I purchased some sequins and beads and […]

Pot Holder

I am planning to have a little side business aside from the altering clothes. I am not sure though if it’s a good idea, so I want to ask your opinion and kind of help me decide what to do here. I came up with this idea one day when I am eating pickled peppers […]

Ella’s Alteration

Are you looking for affordable alteration for your wedding gown, bridesmaids dress, mother of the bride dress and suits. I can help. Over 30 years experience with alterations including formal wear. I can help at a fraction of the price.