Completed Dress

I finally finished my dress. Overall, I think it turned out well.

Whenever you decide to make a sewing project, you first start first by picking out your pattern. Patterns out there can be costly, but you can sometimes get a great deal.  There are also many free sites to get patterns. The pattern you choose will tell you what kind of material will work best for that pattern.

Knowing your body measurement and especially your bust measurement is crucial in going to the next step.

After you pick your material. You need to purchase the right amount of material. A little bit of extra won’t hurt though, so you have room for screw ups. Yes even I, who has been sewing for 3 decades still make mistakes. Once you have chosen your material you are ready to make your dress.

To save you some time and hassle, throw your material in the washing machine then dry it. Unless your material can not be in a dryer, like satin, rayon, leather and so on it is important to wash it first to keep it from shrinking after you have spent time working on your project.

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