Beautiful Bridesmaids Dress

One of the things I cherish is my repeat customers.  I have one particular customer that comes all the way from the Lutz area, Maryanne. She is always bringing me unique and cool projects.

One afternoon back on January I received a phone call from Maryanne, asking if I can alter her daughter’s bridesmaid dress on time her wedding.  She repeatedly tried to find someone locally to alter the dress, but everyone said it will take them 2 to 3 weeks to alter her daughter’s dress. It can be stressful and heartbreaking when you cannot find someone at the last minute. A wedding is one of the most important days of your life and you want it to be perfect.

When Maryanne called me I immediately told her, yes I can alter the dress, but since we moved to our new Zephyrhills, I asked her if she does not mind driving to our new location.

Our Lutz location was just too small for the number of customers we have, and we decided our customers needed to have room for fittings and room to park.  That is why we picked our current location, it has its own customer area and door, with room for good fittings and privacy.

When Leslie (Maryanne’s daughter) dress came from the mall, she brought it to me to alter. It only took me a week to hem the dress, adjust the shoulder and zipper in order to make her day important.

She was so happy and said that I did an amazing job. I am so joyous when my customers are happy and I strive to make them happy and have less stress with at least some of the hectic activities they have.

Meanwhile Maryanne brought me some other unique projects, one of the is a blouse that needed an adjustment on the side.

Both mom and daughter were happy, and I am so glad that they trusted me to get their alteration job done.

When a customer purchase a dress a shirt a suit or pants for special occasion they end up having it altered, it is rare to find a nice dress, slacks, shirts or suits that fit right off the hanger. Most of the time it’s the hem of a dress but many times it includes adjusting the shoulder and zipper for dresses. Hemming shirts and pants are not difficult, the hardest part is actually the fitting to make sure its exactly what our customers want.  You cannot take a shortcut in this area.  Clothing industries make our garments and we purchase it base on our size; however, sizes are all different based on the manufacturer.  A size 6 in one dress does not mean that all size 6’s are the same.

You have to remember that no two bodies are the same, and each and every piece of clothing fits people different, and there is nothing wrong with your body, it’s the way we purchase clothes in bulk for the masses that creates the problems. I grew up making many dresses and clothes from scratch.  Measuring each and every inch of the persons figure so they can have the perfect apparel however, in today’s society that rarely ever happens.   That’s the reason why a seamstress like me, always have a job to do, there will always be things that need to be altered and adjusted.   

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