Quilted Table Runner

I always love furniture made with real wood. They are expensive, and with our daily use of it during eating time with the family plus the cats playground and the kids activity table, l can not stop but think on how am I going to protect and preserve the beauty of it.
When we moved to our new house my husband bought this mahogany made from Malaysia dinning set table. I never want to constantly covering it with table cloth other than when we’re eating dinner. But since it sits at the entrance of the house we can’t help but put everything on it when we go grocery shopping. Adding to that since it is next to a huge window, it is our two cats best place to watch squirrel, birds, butterflies and other critters outside.
I always have this idea about making a landscape quilted art. However due to my business and such I know I will not have time to make my own art quilt. So I got this idea and while this virus going on to make me a quilted kind a artistic quilt. It is will be decorative enough to serve a purpose as a table runner without hiding the beauty of the table. It will be thicker than a table cloth that it we will not put a dent when we put our groceries and will not constantly be pulled by our two energetic kitties when they are playing. Plus we will always have a placemat to use every dinner.
I love this table runner/ table cloth/ place mat l made.

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