Beautiful Beaded Dress

You wonder how and who can alter a fully beaded dress? I can do that for you.

Nowadays dresses just don’t come with only plain material, adding sequins or even crystal beads makes a dress looks more elegant. You will normally see these beads on brides, bridesmaid, prom or homecoming dresses. When altering it is not just simple cutting and hemming, a dress is more fun to me. It feels relaxing removing every single bead that will be on the hem line of a dress, the sewing machine will not work properly with beads in the way.

If you have to adjust a zipper or bodice area, then you can’t just remove the beads, after altering it you have to put them back on the dress along with the effort to make it look new after the alterations.

Krystle is attending a quinciniera and her dress is one of of those heavily beaded dresses. I hemmed it for her so she can walk easily. I adjusted the back so it fits her perfectly, and replaced all missing beads on the straps.

Another thing with this kind of dress you will always have some missing beads here and there. I replaced those missing beads and prevent loose threads to make sure they do not is easy to pull one string and all the beats come off so you have to secure them properly in order that they will not fall off while you’re wearing the dress.


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