Unique Wedding Dress

After trying different styles of wedding dresses and deciding which is the best one for the occasion, is just one of the step to conquer before you bring the dress home with you. Then again, that is possible only if the store has the correct size for you. Unfortunately when the boutique tell you that they no longer can order the right size of that specific style you choose, that they no longer make that style, you do not have any choice but to purchase the available one and to take it to a seamstress that can work on the dress and fit you perfectly.

This is what our bride had to go through with her dress. Faith’s wedding dress comes in two pieces. Train is detachable from the back and put back together with hooks, which made her dress unique from most of the dresses I worked before. We altered the dress to fit her at the bodice area, shoulder and neckline. The skirt used to have a long train was hemmed evenly putting back the horsehair around it.






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