`Reilly’s Pageant Dress

I get so excited when Reilly asked me if I can hem her beaded dress for a pageant (Ms. Florida 2022) event coming up. Reilly is tall and her formal wear gown for the competition is still too long for her. Walking is not as easy when you keep on stepping on your dress, more so if you’re walking on a stage in front of many audiences. Working on a beaded dress is doable but time consuming. You need to pull out the beads that will be on the way of the presser foot of the sewing machine. After pulling and securing all the beads you need to sew back all the one that came. We finished hemming the dress in time.

According to Reilly helping her hem her dress made her feel so confident onstage. That the dress fit perfectly and allowed her to float gracefully across the stage.

We have before and after the pageant competition pictures of Reilly. Thank you so much for letting us part of your achievement by using our service.